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Privacy Policy of Study Association Proto

This is a draft document and has no official status yet.

This is the privacy policy of Study Association Proto (hereafter just “S.A. Proto”). It describes in detail what information S.A. Proto collects and processes, who can access that information and what information it shares with other parties. This document aims to provide users of our website and other ICT services with an understanding of what the association knows about them, and provide easy reference to how that information can be edited/deleted.

This document is supposed to replace the chapter on “Personal information” in the Rules and Regulations of S.A. Proto as per the next General Member Meeting.

The privacy policy should be viewed as a dynamic document with transparent revision history. Everybody can see what changes have been made to it and when those changes have been made. The privacy policy is made and maintained by the board of S.A. Proto together with the members of the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee. Changes to the privacy policy can be made for several reasons, including but not limited to: addition of a new service for S.A. Proto, new external partners, suggestions from members and instructions from the General Member Meeting. The latter can make binding decisions as to the content of the privacy policy. Questions regarding the privacy policy can be sent to In general, members and owners of user accounts are not notified of changes to this document.

This document is written on a best effort basis and its aim is to provide a comprehensive view of the current situation. Please e-mail if you believe this document contains mistakes or needs clarification.

General statements regarding your personal data

These general provisions describe how the association handles privacy and your personal information in general. This section should give you a short overview on how S.A. Proto handles your data in general. This section serves as a replacement to the chapter Personal information in the Rules and Regulations of S.A. Proto.

This section does not go into exact detail and rather serves as a high-level overview of the intentions of S.A. Proto. If you wish to have a more specific insight in the information S.A. Proto has about you, please see the page on specific usage of your personal data.


In general, your personal data is collected by S.A. Proto in one of the following ways:

  • Provided by you, for example by submitting the data into the website
  • Generated by you in the course of using services offered by S.A. Proto, for example by purchasing something or choosing to become part of a committee
  • Provided by the university, as explained later in this document

If data is acquired in any way other than those above, it will be specifically mentioned in this document.


Almost all of the information S.A. Proto has accumulated about you can be reviewed by you on the website of S.A. Proto on your dashboard, your profile page or on the relevant part of the S.A. Proto website. It should be explicitly stated that it is always the intent of S.A. Proto to be transparent about the information the association has about you. If you wish to receive an overview of information S.A. Proto has about you that cannot be found on the website, please send an e-mail to with your request. We aim to reply to your request within one week, but reserve the right to take up to four weeks for our reply.

In general, only the board of the association, the IT administrators and specific committees can see (part) of the data S.A. Proto has about you. The latter concerns committees that need access to some of your information in order to provide you or the association services. Examples of this are to predict what stock to buy for the OmNomCom, or to prepare activities.

Any personal data supplied to S.A. Proto is never shared with third parties, except in special cases involving the University of Twente. Those are outlined below.


How exactly S.A. Proto uses your data is explained further on in this document. In general, your data may be used to:

  • Facilitate services you request (including attending activities and purchasing consumables from the OmNomCom)
  • Facilitate services to support your study or Creative Technology in general
  • Provide information to the university in order to fix grants and other financial support
  • Generate statistics or knowledge that help committees, the board or the General Member Meeting to make well informed decisions
  • Facilitate a digital list of members, an almanac or related services
  • Calculate and collect contributions that you owe the association, including the membership fee
  • Provide other services that achieve the statuary goals or improve the good spirit of S.A. Proto

S.A. Proto may also send you:

  • Invitations for the General Member Meeting
  • Information important to your membership
  • Information in the name of external parties
  • Information to which you subscribed
  • Invitations to activities and other events
  • General information about what is happening in the association

S.A. Proto will primarily contact you via e-mail. Only in exceptional occasions will you be contacted by regular mail.


You can object to S.A. Proto sending you information, except for:

  • Invitations for the General Member Meeting
  • Information important to your membership

If you wish to object to S.A. Proto sending you information, you may do so via the website, or by contacting the association board.

For information on how to object to usage of other personal data, please refer to the page on specific usage of your personal data.

Third parties

If S.A. Proto wishes to outsource processing of personal information of members of S.A. Proto to a third party, an agreement needs to be established with this third party that guarantees that the information is processed secure, in the right way and for the right purposes.

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