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IT Services

This page contains an introduction to what IT services Proto offers, and how to use them.


For who? All members of S.A. Proto can send and receive e-mail, as soon as they become a member.


If you're a member of S.A. Proto, you'll automatically get a Proto e-mail address in the form of This e-mail address automatically forwards all your e-mail to the e-mail address you have configured for your Proto account (check your dashboard for these settings). Proto's forwarders use the Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) to make sure e-mails are not flagged as spam by your mailbox.

S.A. Proto doesn't use e-mail boxes for e-mail delivery. So you won't need any IMAP or POP to get your e-mail.


If you wish to also be able to send e-mails from your Proto e-mail address, you can use the following settings in your favorite e-mail client:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 465 using SSL
  • Username: (so your Proto mail address)

Network drives

S.A. Proto offers network drives to committees and other projects Proto is involved in. You can find instructions on how to mount network drives under Windows and Mac OS. These network drives can be accessed from the UTwente campus (or over the UTwente VPN) using the following settings:

  • Server:
  • Username: username@saproto

For who? Network drives can only be access by the accounts of people that are supposed to have access. For most group drives (board, committee) it goes that if you're in the committee on the website, you can access the drive. For other drives access has to be granted manually. If you want to request a drive or if you have questions, please contact the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee. New drive requests have to be approved by the Association Board.

Address Book / Member List Sync

S.A. Proto runs a directory service (LDAP via Active Directory) to make available other services such as the printing and network drives. However, this directory service can also be used as an address book on various devices including your phone and e-mail client, so you can easily access your Proto contacts from your phone or when writing an e-mail.

A few suggestions to use the Proto address book include:

You can talk to our LDAP server using the following settings:

  • Host: (port 636)
  • SSL enabled
  • LDAP version: 3
  • Base DN: OU=Proto,DC=ad,DC=saproto,DC=nl
  • Bind / login with username@saproto and your password

You can then access the following attributes:

  • Display name: displayName
  • First name: givenName
  • Photo: jpegPhoto (only if set via the site)
  • Last name: sn (guessed from displayName and givenName)
  • E-mail address: mail
  • Phone number: telephoneNumber (only if shared with other members via the site)
  • Website: wWWHomePage (only if set via the site)
  • Home address: streetAddress, postalCode, l (= city) and co (= country) (only if shared with other members via the site)

You could use the following search filters:

  • For members: (objectClass=organizationalPerson)
  • For committees: (objectClass=group)

For who? This service is only available to members of S.A. Proto with a working account.


S.A. Proto currently has two printers available. One document printer and one card printer (used for printing membership cards).

For who? Printing on our laser printer is only for people with access. You can request access via the Association Board. Other people can use the student printer in the hallway. You can find a manual for that printer over here.

Printing documents

If you have been granted access (access can be requested via the Association Board) you can also print directly to the printer in the Protopolis. This enables you to bypass the printing fee and to print directly from your computer. If you have access, you can use the following steps:


  • In Windows Explorer, go to \\\ and log-in with username@saproto and the password.
  • Double-click the printer.
  • Wait for driver installation.


  • Open System Preferences and navigate to Printers & Scanners.
  • Click the + button below the list of printers.
  • Right-click next to the search bar, and select Customize Toolbar…
  • Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar.
  • Click the newly added Advanced icon.
  • Wait for the entry fields to appear. This might take a bit.
  • Choose Windows printer via spoolss for Type.
  • Enter smb:// in the URL field.
  • Enter Seadevil (or any other name you like for the printer) in the Name field.
  • Select Select Software… in the Use dropdown.
  • Select HP LaserJet Series PCL 4/5.
  • Click add.

When using the printer for the first time, you are asked for your credentials. Use your username@saproto and the associated password.


In the past we used to offer our own VPN server for members to use to access Proto systems off-campus. As this was rarely used, it was discontinued.

If you need to access Proto services off-campus, you can instead use the University of Twente VPN. Information about setting this up can be found at this link.

Shared Hosting

For who? Committees can request a shared hosting space, after approval of the Association Board.

Shared hosting is provided through SNT Hornet. More information about Hornet can be found at Due the fact that multiple committees can request this hosting and SNT only provides us with one free Hornet environment, we do not offer the free version of Hornet. Hosting therefore costs a minimum of 10,- per year.

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