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 ====== VPN ====== ====== VPN ======
-**For who?** All members have access to the VPN.+In the past we used to offer our own VPN server for members to use to access Proto systems off-campus. As this was rarely used, it was discontinued.
-S.A. Proto hosts an OpenVPN server ​you can use if you wish to connect to any of Proto'​s ​services ​from outside the campus. The most relevant ​use case right now is for accessing ​the network shares from outside the campusYou do not need a UTwente account in order to access ​this VPN, however, this VPN firewalls access only to Proto services. +If you need to access ​Proto services ​off-campus, you can instead ​use the University of Twente VPNInformation about setting ​this up can be found at [[https://​​en/​lisa/​ict/​manuals/​network/​vpn/​|this ​link]].
- +
-You can log-in using your Proto username and password. +
- +
-You can follow ​[[https://​​en/​lisa/​ict/​manuals/​network/​vpn/​|this ​manual]] to get OpenVPN up and running. Instead of using your UTwente credentials,​ you'll use your Proto credentials,​ and instead of the configuration file provided by the University of Twente, you have to use {{ :​ict:​saproto.ovpn | this configuration file }}.+
 ====== Shared Hosting ====== ====== Shared Hosting ======
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