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-====== Welcome to the S.A. Proto ICT Wiki! ====== 
-This wiki will become the central hub for all information concerning the ICT landscape for Study Association Proto. For information over the association itself, please [[|visit the website]] itself. If you want instructions on how to fork this project and get it running, please do [[|read the readme]]. 
-This is a public wiki in the hopes that it will help members of the association, and current and future members of the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committe, understand the inner workings of the ICT landscape. It can be used both in order to gain some insight in the ICT landscape if you are interested, or as reference material if you're trying to carry out committee duties. 
-===== Contents of the ICT Wiki ===== 
-====== History ====== 
-S.A. Proto was founded as the study association for Creative Technology in April 2011. Not long after the association was founded the first grounds for an ICT infrastructure were laid down. The first version of the website took the form of a Wordpress website, with a separate members database. Over the following years the WordPress website stayed more or less the same, but additional functionality was developer in the form of //tools//. Also various side-services were created among which are ProTube (a platform to provide entertainment in the association room) and the OmNomCom (a self-service checkout system for food and drinks in the association room). At this point the association used // as their primary domain and was hosting their website at Antagonist, a sponsor of Proto at the time. During this time, e-mail (using the // domain) was handled by SNT's WESP service. 
-At a certain point, due to the amount of side-services and additional tools, the ICT infrastructure became tangled and impractical to work with. Therefore, at the end of 2015, plans were made to create a new ICT infrastructure for Proto. Over the better part of a year the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee worked on creating an entirely new website, based on the PHP platform Laravel, to incorporate the website, side-services and tools in one software package. 
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