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Societies information

The following can also be read in this document.


By introducing societies back into our association, we hope to encourage and support members who have new ideas and want to take initiative. You can read everything about what a society is and the rules for societies in this document.

Even during the Corona Pandemic we are still accepting societies. However, keep in mind that we will most likely not accept societies that promote physical contact during these times. All societies must be in line with the Corona policy of the University of Twente.


Societies ideas can be presented to the board by handing in a proposal. After the proposal has been accepted, two of the members of the society will have to sign a contract. In this contract multiple terms are stated that the society has to adhere to. These terms are also elaborated upon in this document.

A society should either:

  • Organize at least one activity per year.
  • Add value to the Protopolis which is beneficial for Proto’s members.
  • Add value in some other way, which can be discussed upon with the board.

Before signing a contract a society has to hand in a document with their society proposal. The proposal should contain the following things:

  • A short description of the society, what they want to do and how this will contribute to Proto and its members.
  • A concrete year planning, including a clear plan of everything that will be done in the first ten weeks.
  • A short description on what the society would need from Proto (i.e. drinks, EROs, promotion, etc.) and how many members the society preferably would consist of.

After signing the contract, the society will go into a trial period of ten weeks. The society has to deliver either a concrete plan about what they would like to achieve, or proof of things already achieved, before this period is over. After this ten week period, the handed in plan/proof will be reviewed by the board. If the achievements are satisfactory, the society will then become official. If not, the society may either be given a second (final) chance or be removed. If the society becomes official, it will be briefly be evaluated every ten weeks. If a current board member is an active member in a society, an evaluation every ten weeks will not be enforced by the board.

Please note that anything surrounding a society, being its name, the activity, the name of the activity, etc. should adhere to the code of ethics published by the University of Twente.

What does Proto give societies

Since societies will be a part of Proto, Proto will provide the societies some things to help them out. However a society will not be able to use all of Proto’s features as a committee would.


For promotion there are a few aspects that need to be discussed regarding societies:

  • Societies drink: Just like committees, societies may want a place where they can gather new members and peak interest among the Proto members. Since we do want societies to be a separate branch from committees, this will not happen on the committee market that Proto organises twice a year. Instead, societies will be given the opportunity to promote their society during a Monday Afternoon Drink that is organised when the board and societies deem it beneficial. During this drink, societies will have the opportunity to pitch their plans and gather people that are interested.
  • Website: A societies page will be added to the Proto website, where societies can write a short summary about what it is they do. In addition, activities organised by a society will be added to the Proto calendar as an event. This event will then be labeled as ‘organised by a society’, in a similar manner to how external activities are labeled as external.
  • Posters: Societies will get a budget for two posters per activity, with a maximum of eight posters in a year. If a society doesn’t organise any activity, they can still make use of this budget, which can then be used for a stationary poster throughout the year. If more posters are needed, the society will have to pay for them herself. The poster can be hung up on Proto’s poster boards, however if there is a surplus of posters, committee posters will get priority. In this case, the society poster can be transferred to the external poster board if there is any room. Societies can request a poster to Proto’s GraphiCie. The GraphiCie will have 2 weeks to make the poster. However, when the GraphiCie is too busy, committee’s requests will have priority. When this is the case, the society can also make their own poster and get it approved at the GraphiCie. Posters may not be hung on the poster boards without GraphiCie’s approval, or they will be removed.
  • Promotion: Societies are free to promote their activities via Whatsapp and Instagram, because these are Proto’s main communication channels.. Before promoting an activity, societies have to send a plan to the board to make sure it is in line with the promotion calendar. In this plan the platform(s) and date(s) for promotion should be included. If it is not approved, the board and society will come up with a fitting solution together.


When a society organises activities, Proto will have the following policies in place:

  • Requirements of activities: The activity needs to be accessible to all Proto members. The activity does not have to be Proto-exclusive, so external parties can join if this is desired by the organizing society.
  • Helpers:
    • ERO: Societies can request ERO’s for activities, but there isn’t a guarantee that any of our ERO’s will be available. Keep in mind that the standard rules for EROs on the university grounds should be upheld.
    • Drinks: Drinks can be arranged via the TipCie provided that they are requested four weeks before the activity date and if drafters / mobitap / location are available. It is possible to request a themed Monday Afternoon Drink or Friday Afternoon Drink. Following Proto rules, drafters should also get compensation for their food of €5,- per person if they are drafting between 17:00 and 19:00 or longer. Only if the drink is a themed Monday Afternoon Drink or Proto’s Friday Afternoon Drink, Proto will compensate food for the drafters itself.
    • Protography: The policy for requesting Protography for an activity is the same as the policy for requesting an ERO.
  • Signup lists: A signup list can be added to any event on the Proto site. The event will then also appear in people’s calendars. This event will also be marked “organised by a society” on the event calendar on the site. If the society also wants to invite people that aren’t Proto members, they will have to create their own sign up form for that. Information about allergies of Proto members will be available to societies on the Proto site, should they use a signup with their event.
  • Activity sign up at the Student Union: When an activity is hosted after hours on university grounds, it needs to be signed up at the Student Union as well. Societies can do this via:
  • Date of an activity: If a newly planned date of an activity organized by a society overlaps with another (already existing) Proto activity, then a society will either have to move the activity to another date (this is preferred) or work without a signup on the Proto site. To ensure this does not happen, it is advised that the society will discuss the date of the activity with the board, at least 2 months before the activity takes place.


A few things should be clear about the way finances will work for societies:

  • Independency: Societies will financially be partly independent from Proto. They don’t get a budget from the association, and they should keep track of their own finances. This includes making their own budget plan and keeping to it. This budgetplan should however still be checked by the Treasurer before any purchases are made.
  • Participation fee: In case of organising an activity that asks for a participation fee, this fee can be collected using the Proto sign up on the event. To then collect this participation fee, the society should make an invoice for Proto to pay.
  • OmNomCom: It is possible for a society to use our OmNomCom system if this is necessary, but this should be discussed beforehand with the Board.
  • Profit: A society is not allowed to make a profit for themselves. If a society is discovered to have made a substantial profit, the Board may decide to abolish the society.
  • If a society wants to find sponsoring to help finance their plans, this should be discussed with Proto’s External.

Membership of a Society

The amount of people per society will be determined together with the society. Members of societies do not get active membership at Proto. However, if the society would like to become a committee after they have been active for at least a year, they can request this at the board.

Communication with Proto

One board member is in charge of processing the applications of the societies. In the academic year 2021-2022, this board member is Sarah Jansen. Every approved society will have their own board responsible who is responsible for communicating with the societies and doing their evaluations. You can look on the website to see which board responsible you should contact regarding your society.

Forming a society

On this page you can find a request form. Your application will be sent to the board for revision.

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